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labor laws in india

The need and challenges to amend the Labor Laws in India

Recently, a big IT firm within India that employs lacs of personnel has sacked approximately 3500 employees because citing the reason of implementing AI, which makes it prudent that India should do some modifications in its labor laws because believe it or not, the day when India will have to make a decision about it is soon approaching.

Decoding the Labour Code

India’s archaic labour laws have been highlighted as one of the key impediments in attracting investment in labour intensive manufacturing - key to India’s employment and job challenges. The labour reforms are a step in the right direction and will provide a fillip to domestic competitiveness.

Corona, Migrants, and other issues – How much do we Indians really care?

Migrants anyway had to suffer due to these existing laws - whether Corona came into the picture or not. Had the so-called perennial sympathizers been so vocal in discussing these issues earlier, we could have dealt this situation better.

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