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Jai Shri Ram

यह पाखंड बंद करो मोमिनों-बुर्कापरस्तों! प्रभु श्रीराम भी हमारे और माँ दुर्गा भी हमारीं!

शुतुरमुर्गी सोच आत्मघाती होगी, आँखें खोलकर देखिए आपके आस-पड़ोस में रोज एक 'रिंकु' मारा जा रहा है, रोज एक 'निकिता' तबाह की जा रही है, रोज एक 'नारंग' 'ध्रुव तिवारी' इनकी जिहादी-ज़ुनूनी-मज़हबी हिंसा का शिकार हो रहा है।

What the Ram Temple means to a Hindu

The difference between Hindu diversity and Christian or Muslim diversity - while the latter began as one and split with differences of opinion, we began as many and came together under one blanket, while retaining individual identities – the ultimate balancing act

Lal Krishna Advani – The man who rode the Chariot of Fire and paved the road for Hindu politics

Advaniji holds a highest peak towards the contribution and development of Hindu politics and making BJP a force it is today.

When would Mufti and Abdullah be set free?

India’s enemies are investing much in the hope that Muftis and Abdullahs would be free soon

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