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Legalization of Same-sex Marriages: What’s going on around?

Through this column, I have tried to put forward a basic analysis on why the issue needs immediate attention.

The Competition (Amendment) Act, 2023- A reflection of international India

On March 29, 2023, the Lok Sabha adopted the Competition (Amendment) Bill 2023, marking a significant advancement.

Hon. CJI Ramana, please educate us which ‘Constitution’ is the Supreme Court of India following?

Judges and their families lives are more precious while our lives are meant for sacrifice. Must be somewhere in your constitution.

No injuries implies no rape

In the flawed order passed by the respected High Court, nucleus of the decision was absence of injury which means absence of resistance and connotes presence of consent. Thus, the court acquitted all the accused of the charges of rape.

Sedition law: aye, nay

Given the legal opinion and the views of the government in favour of the law, it is unlikely that Section 124A will be scrapped soon. However, the section should not be misused as a tool to curb free speech.

Domestic violence and laws in India

Women are subject to violence not only from husbands but also from members of both the natal and the marital home. Girls and women in India are usually less privileged than boys in terms of their position in the family and society and in terms of access to material resources.

Justice and Law

Justice and law: two sides of the same coin yet can never meet; can never face each other. Why?

Justice delayed … but hope lingers

A first person account why cases are languishing in High Courts in India

Dear Supreme Court of India, we the citizens expect just a little from you

The supreme court needs to understand that their job is not to govern people, their job is to ensure that the people of the country govern themselves in the best possible way

Trademark Rules 2017- Jingles and chimes can be a sound mark

Using a sound as a trademark for the brand has not been considered marketing tool for long. The journey of sound branding has come a very long way.

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