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Indian healthcare system

India’s chronic disease burden requires the behavioural science approach

We all need to acknowledge the significant role of health literacy in the coming years and work to counter irrational health behaviours at every level, from individual to societal.

Collapse of Indian health care system: Ripples in South Asia

For South Asian India becomes a preferred destination due to the availability of quality health service at low price coupled with the fact that language and culture does not act as an impediment.

Who is responsible for India’s healthcare blowout?

The typical 'Mera kya' (it doesn't concern me) Syndrome of Indians, which has failed every institution in this country, had failed healthcare too long back.

There is a strong reason for WHO to be headquartered in India

India, in terms of medical heritage, has been blessed with glorious achievements not only in medicine and surgery but also in development of codes on medical ethics since ages.

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