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India Sri Lanka relations

Unwelcome Chinese Spy vessel and the deepening rift between India and Sri Lanka relations in recent past

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s "Neighbourhood First Policy" and his security and growth for All in the region (SAGAR) project, India continues to send essential supplies to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

एक परिवार श्रीलंका के लिए बना अभिशाप

श्रीलंका सदैव अल्पकालीन विकास के दौर में फंसा रहा, जिसके चलते सरकार का खर्च उसको होने वाली आय से हमेशा अधिक हि रहा और इस प्रकार वो Budget Deficient का शिकार बनते रहे।

China is expanding its way in South Asia

Chinese presence in Sri Lanka is no hidden thing. Between 2005-17, Beijing has invested $ 15 billion in projects in Sri Lanka over a period of 12 years.

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