Saturday, July 20, 2024



Political correctness and the death of honesty in democracy

The culmination of PC would be in the destruction and death of democracy itself. Do we want that?

What makes Narendra Modi such an effective communicator?

His massive pool of knowledge about India and her civilization, and second, his ethos and values which any child receives who comes from a poor or middle class background.

कर्ण को चुकानी पड़ी एक असत्य की कीमत अपने प्राण दे के

पका बोला या किया हुआ असत्य आपको ऐसे वक्त चोट पहुँचाता है, जब आपको उसकी उम्मीद नहीं होती। यह शाश्वत सत्य है।

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