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Breaking colonial mindset of Indian youth

Today on quizzing shows, Indian youth know more Greek philosophy than United Kingdom. But when asked about any of their own, it would be very non-classy to know that.

#VeerSavarkar could have well been called ‘Vidvaan Savarkar’

Veer Savarkar more widely known for his acts of valour was a giant amongst intellectuals, fit to be also called 'Vidvan Savarkar.

भारत एक सभ्यता

दुनिया में जीतनी भी बर्बादी हो रही हैं, उस में सरे धर्म आते हैं सिवाय हिन्दू धर्म के।

Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: Symbol of Indian renaissance

The building of Lord Ram in Ajodhya is not a symbolic. It is revival and accentuation of concept of Lord Ram.

Indian judiciary & the art of killing Hindu festivals

Native Hindu festivals, traditions & rituals have been under constant attack over the years. The intensity of attacks keeps on increasing with every passing day.

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