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Hindu Civilization

ज्ञानवापी, इस्लाम हि नहीं, अब्राहम से भी प्राचीन है

जब इस धरा पर ना तो अब्राहम थे, ना यहूदी थे, ना ईसाई थे और ना इस्लाम था और यही नहीं जब ना तो रोमन सभ्यता थी, ना तो बेबिलोनिया की सभ्यता थी, ना तो मिश्र की सभ्यता थी, ना मेसोपोटामिया अस्तित्व में थी और ना माया और यूनानी सभ्यता थी, तब भी हमारे भोले बाबा की काशी थी जिसे आज आप बनारस या वाराणसी के नाम से जानते हैँ।

Reclaiming our civilization

The long wait of centuries, followed by the legal wrangle over decades and finally resting their faith in a judgement by five judges only shows the ethos of this great civilization. Where in the world, otherwise can you see an example of a majority community waiting peacefully to correct the centuries old barbarities on their faith and on the very symbols of their collective conscience?

Should Doordarshan give a live coverage of Bhumi Pujan on August 5th?: Answer is an empathetic ‘YES’

The major reason liberals cite for asking Doordarshan to not telecast is the same stereotype- that covering the event will be against the principle of secularism as enshrined in Indian constitution.

Unity in Diversity: A different perspective

Unity in diversity doesn't belong to a mass of various communities but our Sanatan Culture is itself an live instance of it.

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