Wednesday, June 19, 2024


healthcare reforms

India’s chronic disease burden requires the behavioural science approach

We all need to acknowledge the significant role of health literacy in the coming years and work to counter irrational health behaviours at every level, from individual to societal.

A nation needs to look back to move forward: India should learn it from recent past

It is not the crisis that defines a nation, but it’s the resilience and the comeback that does.

Right to health during pandemic

The concept of “Right to health” encompasses so many factors which are not necessarily physical but still is an abstract and blurred concept devoid of any specific definition.

Who is responsible for India’s healthcare blowout?

The typical 'Mera kya' (it doesn't concern me) Syndrome of Indians, which has failed every institution in this country, had failed healthcare too long back.

COVID-19 and India’s obsession with the state

As we put the worst part of the health crisis behind us, it is important to ponder upon a few issues that didn’t receive any attention barring a few criticisms on social media.

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