Wednesday, April 24, 2024


GDP growth

Indian economy v/s G7 economies

What the world is going over right now is a "Global Hyperinflation" a combination of Cost Push and demand pull inflation which is an abnormal inflation.

Expat Industry – An unsung economic force of India

Instead of focusing on complicated and multivariate solutions for Indian economy, Modi government should keep it simple and focus on sending more people abroad.

Stock market- Economy conundrum

Why NIFTY and SENSEX are touching their all-time high while the economy is contracting quarter after quarter?

Economics as it stands today

We will have to understand economics in right perspective as Arthshastra which originated in India. The primary focus of which was human happiness index and was largely successful for many centuries without huge recession.

Modi Attends Commonwealth Meet In London

This year’s Commonwealth Summit has been billed as a grand opportunity for India not only to showcase its growing economy but also project its leadership in an emerging new world order.

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