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Fact Check

Analysis of propaganda and disinformation against Hinduism in India

Propaganda and disinformation have become a part of the modern world. Every day we wake up to see thousands of fake news, social media posts, and videos related to propaganda. Religious or political affiliation is an indicator of the majority of the propaganda.

Statue of Unity – Criticism and Benefits

Modi has demonstrated with the Statue of Liberty is more fundamental: that Indians can dream big and execute big whenever there is political will.

Troll from Times Group uses half-truths from Alt-News to spread propaganda

A troll name Akash Banerjee shows how misinformation is spread by the lefists

How fake news about Gurmeet Ram Rahim nominated for Dronacharya Award was created

There is no government decision or even a proposal to honour the Dera Sacha Sauda chief for a sports award.

Fact Check on Mihir Sharma’s article on demonetisation

A biased report by a biased journalist

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