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Economy after COVID-19

Bad loan of 68000 Crore written off: Revisiting the Anatomy

Given the prolonged impact of lockdown, the government not only announced an economic package for the industrial sector but intensively working to help the farmers and labors also.

Is novel coronavirus, ‘accidental’ child of evolution or born to save Pangolin, slain man?

Novel coronavirus is just a little storm in the tea cup to all healthy individuals. Why we lock the virus or go after the virus instead of focusing on treatment to all COVID 19 cases.

An optimized social structure for rapid socioeconomic growth in Covid era

The havoc this pandemic has created in each one of our lives cannot be denied but the air we have breathed recently is the...

Post Corona world order: Implications and opportunities for India

Major lesson that has been evolved from this tragedy is that over dependence on global supply chain nay well be counterproductive.

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