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Children crime

Child labour in India: The struggle achieve SDG 8.7

A decree of Akbar in 1594 allowed parents to sell their children and buy them back when they had the resources.

Bend the curve on child abuse

Online child abuse has significantly risen in South East Asian countries after COVID-19 related confinement. Violence against children is being masked behind closed doors and the 'safe' confinement of homes. It has only taken an inside turn.

भविष्‍य के हाथों में खंजर देकर देख लिया, अब गिरेबां में झांकने का वक्‍त

बाल सुधारगृह, बच्‍चा जेल की अवधारणा तक आ पहुंचे हम क्‍या अपने गिरेबां में झांक कर देखने की हिम्‍मत करेंगे?

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