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Bheem Rao Ambedkar

Ambedkar- The economist

Dr. Ambedkar is a personality that has an impressive footprint in the history of modern India.

A revisit of the philosophy of Hinduism as described by Ambedkar

Hindu philosophy by Ambedkar was an economist's interpretation of Hinduism.

Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar | Dr. B. R. ambedkar biography

He accepts matter in nature as real. In this way, he was closer to Materialism but still, he says no to Marxism. He maintained that religion is necessary for man. He was a socialist, he held that the individual is an end in himself.

Politics over Ambedkar: PM Modi breaks his silence

PM Modi always stood dalits in India and always admired Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Should caste based reservation continue even after 7 decades of independence?

Is giving reservation to the socially deprived class only solution for their upliftment?

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