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Pakistani ISI’s manipulation of Bangladesh’s elections uncovered

According to Gatestone Institute, Pakistan is a state sponsor of jihad terror itself, yet is now claiming that it is Bangladesh and India that have the terrorist problem.

UK Tory Party leaders maintain ties with controversial businessman and terror-funder

There is report about embattled MP from UK’s Tory Party, Bob Stewart of hiding his directorship of a foreign defense company controlled by a controversial Azerbaijani businessman while sitting on Parliament’s influential defense committee.

Bangladesh opposition leader patronized insurgency inside India

Tarique Rahman, key leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), who has been spending millions of dollars towards lobbyist activities in the United States, United Kingdom and other European nations is a convicted terrorist.

Hunter Biden works in favor of Islamist party in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Nationalist Party also is looking for hiring journalists and columnists in a number of major publications in the US, while Tarique Rahman plans to do similar propaganda in a number of major newspapers in Britain.

What would mean Sheikh Hasina’s defeat in the next general election?

Bangladesh’s progress and prosperity shall be at stake, if Sheikh Hasina’s government is either overthrown through undemocratic process or if Islamist forces such as BNP manages in stealing results in their favor with the direct help of the Biden administration.

Challenges and consequences centering Bangladesh 2024 general elections

Should BNP refrain from participating in the upcoming election and repeat its boycott policy as it had in 2014, the next general elections shall be mainly contested between ruling Awami League and main opposition in the current parliament – Jatiya Party, a party formed by military dictator General Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

Dark web of anti-Sheikh Hasina activities in the west

The Biden administration wants the election to be participated by Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami, while they are aware that BNP shall not participate in the election unless it is held under a caretaker government comprising its chosen individuals.

Why is the international community showing huge attention to Bangladesh’s next election?

The next general election may witness unexpected violence – weeks or months before the election day.

When will Bangladeshi Hindus get their properties returned?

Fifteen years have passed, and there are no visible signs of returning Hindu properties which were confiscated under the Enemy Property Act.

Islamist takeover of Bangladesh getting inevitable

On January 5, 2014, BNP and JeI boycotted the election and resorted to terrorist activities thus attacking, looting, and vandalizing Hindu homes and temple, while a large number of Hindu girls and women fell victims of sexual violence and rape.

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