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Army Strategy

फेमिनिज्म वायरस की भारतीय सेना में घुसपैठ

सेना शायद राजनीतिक, मीडिया या सामाजिक दबाव में महिलाओं को रियायत दे भी दे, मगर क्या मुश्किल समय और सेना की कठोर नौकरी में आने वाली कोई आपातकालीन स्थिति हमको कोई रियायत देगी?

Ex-soldiers’ role in de-radicalization of Kashmir

The Modi government has shown the political will and therefore, there is no reason for Kashmir issue to linger on beyond next five years.

Crossing the line

Our Army is our pride. It has always made us proud Indian.

Army, Government and Judiciary need to have uniform approach towards Kashmir

Instead of "Janab mat karo" Indian Army and Indian judiciary system should keep the approach of "Janab agar appne kiya to"

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