Saturday, February 27, 2021


How the political and intellectual class have made the Hindu-Muslim relations complex

Hindu-Muslim chemistry in India is a complex affair, largely because of the mess created by our political and intellectual class.

What are “intellectuals” doing? Fighting intolerance or stereotyping Indians?

An article that tries to solve this mystery of alleged growing intolerance in our country.

My 9 year old niece invites Aamir Khan to watch her tolerant play

A letter to Aamir Khan after his recent statements on "intolerance" in India.

What are we expecting from our Govt, or rather, What should we be expecting?

My expectations from the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Dear Prime Minister, the way you are performing abroad, needs to be replicated at home too

An open letter from a person who voted for Narendra Modi.

Dear Aamir, Why do you choose to display a Tolerant Kashmir but an Intolerant India?

A Kashmiri pandit writes to Aamir Khan, sharing his anguish over the injustices and intolerance he faced in Kashmir.

And Aamir Khan lost a wonderful opportunity…

Aamir could have used this situation to send a strong message of inclusiveness in India.

Empty symbolism of Car Free Day; If tamasha can suffice, why govern?

Why events like "Car Free Day" end up doing opposite of what was intended. There are better ways to achieve the same goals.

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