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Virendra S Rathore is an IT professional, native of Rajasthan, India. His alma mater are Bhavan's Vidyashram and Birla Institute of Technology. In addition to being a son and husband, Virendra is father to two daughters. History was a part of the environment that Virendra grew up in. It gradually developed into a hobby. He has written a book "Prithviraj Chauhan - a light on the mist in History", aiming at dispelling the myths and controversies around the famous Chauhan king's life and events. Virendra blogs occasionally at - and is on Youtube as Kshatra Vichara -

History and Historiography on Prithviraj Chauhan – a course of conflict

Side effect of movies and serials on historical figures like Prithviraj Chauhan is accusative sub-standard content written for quick buck of fame and distributed with a stroke of arrogance. For facts to prevail It is imperative to debunk such reviews-turned-coercive-critiques which are 'part of the problem' literature.

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