Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Swetha Krishnan

Swetha Krishnan is the Social Media Specialist for Three Best Rated®. She is also an aspiring writer/blogger who enjoys writing pieces about health and lifestyle. In her free time, you can either find her reading a book in the comfort of her own room or on the roads, exploring new places.

Phubbing – A pandemic that is hurting the parent-children relationship

Of all the things that have been hurting the parent-children relationship, Smartphone addiction is the most predominant one. Although smartphone addiction has been the most talked-about issue in recent times, we all ignore it as if it has nothing to do with our lives.

Growing NEET suicides – Who should be blamed?

While Indians' lust for engineering seemed to fade out, a new longing has evolved. This time, it is the quest to become a doctor.

Virtual learning fatigue is taking a toll on children’s health: Here is what parents can do about it

Reward your kids for their good behaviour. It improves their mood. Engage them in fun activities and make memories. It will keep them out of the reach of stress & anxiety.

A ray of hope during these tough times

While the situation may look bleak, hearing stories of octogenarians recovering from COVID19 gives us a ray of hope.

Are old age homes necessary? – A millennial’s dilemma

Old age home is not always for destitute, some (or most) choose it out of their own willingness to live amongst their company.

From work to climate change, these are the reasons millennials are stressed!

Millennials aren't spoiled and lazy or depressed, they just have it rough because the world is not the same as it used to be twenty years ago. 

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