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Dr. Meenal Sharma Jagtap is presently the President and Founder Director General of the Institute for Policy Research and Governance (IPRG). She is a PhD in Applied Economics  with over 16 years of experience across a range of verticals. She has been associated with university teaching in multinational and cross cultural teaching environment; working in reputed universities for the last 15 years. Dr. Jagtap regularly publishes in reputed national and international journals. Her articles also appear in leading newspapers and periodicals at regular intervals. Her book titled “Monetary Policy in India –Theory and Practice” published in 2017 has been well received in academic circle. Her passion for research, mentoring and keenness to contribute to economic policy advocacy inspired her to create this organisation. At IPRG, she is the driving force behind planning and execution of activities. [email protected] @menalmona

Act fast to boost the economy

While countrymen are assured of the strong leadership at the Centre, we need to only ensure swift and smooth implementation of the reforms agenda.

Review of Book- “Data Sovereignty- The Pursuit of Supremacy”

The book stresses the importance of acting fast to protect the country from becoming vulnerable to miss-use of data; with help of strong regulatory mechanisms and rules on data protection.

Issues for isaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction in India

The preparedness of the state government and the swift response to the disaster also stemmed from the fact that India is committed to following the ‘Sendai Framework’ (endorsed by the United Nations), Indian govt released its first ever National Disaster Management Plan, based on the Sendai Framework on 1st June 2016.

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