Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Manjunath Kakkalameli

Author is Cyber Law Expert, Columnist, Public Speaker, Media Panelist, Practicing advocate at Bombay High Court. has been delivered many Talks on Cyber law, Constitutional law.

Media Trial “आज तक”- from Nanavati to SSR case

Most crazy thing is that in media trial, The SSR case shows that media gets crucial evidence ahead of Investigating Officer.

Dubey Encounter & revisiting Supreme Court guidelines on encounter killings

Vikas Dubey encounter arises one very basic and pertinent question- how come a man who surrendered himself to police, can attack on police when he is in the police custody only.

Can China be sued over COVID-19 in The International Court of Justice?

China did not only intentionally create a global pandemic, but its negligence is certainly the cause of it.

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