Monday, April 19, 2021
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Manjunath Kakkalameli

Author is Cyber Law Expert, Columnist, Public Speaker, Practicing advocate at Bombay High Court. Aslo President - BJP Legal Cell, Solapur, State Spokesman for नरेंद्रमोदी विचार मंच, has been attended many Talks on News Channels & Aakashawani etc.

Media Trial “आज तक”- from Nanavati to SSR case

Most crazy thing is that in media trial, The SSR case shows that media gets crucial evidence ahead of Investigating Officer.

Dubey Encounter & revisiting Supreme Court guidelines on encounter killings

Vikas Dubey encounter arises one very basic and pertinent question- how come a man who surrendered himself to police, can attack on police when he is in the police custody only.

Can China be sued over COVID-19 in The International Court of Justice?

China did not only intentionally create a global pandemic, but its negligence is certainly the cause of it.

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