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This is Joyjeet Kumar Das, a third-year student of Amity law school. Born and brought up in Kolkata. I am an optimistic, innovative, observant and self-motivated person who has got few aspirations alive that keeps me moving ahead and appeals me to never quit. Legal profession demands immense hard work and wittiness to deal with situations and while handling cases. The importance of the judiciary in our country cannot be discarded. And the need for people with good knowledge of the legal system and intention of staying true to oneself has been there since ages. I as a person has always inclined towards this field. Those white shirts and trousers with a white neckband and a black coat have always made my eyes stuck at them. It might seem like being a lawyer is maybe merely a fantasy for me that I am trying to achieve, but it is a lot more than that. My attributes such as being able to express and demystify things, of questioning until I don't get my doubts to wither away are best suited to this profession. Among the various areas for specialization in the field of law, I would like to go for corporate law. The reason being the following: The field of corporate law has always been my cup of tea, as I have always had more interest while studying about companies and the various laws to be abiding by them. For the field of corporate law deals with not just the internal laws in any company or entity but it also involves compliance of laws in other areas too, hence this field won't restrict my professional accessibility. In the next 5 years, I see myself being stable in my career doing something in the field of corporate law, either an advocate, handling case in lower courts and all set to hit the high court or maybe working in a Law firm and trying to balance my career and other priorities in life.

I, too am Indian.

India's true secularism!

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