Friday, June 21, 2024
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India-Bangladesh’s growing defense and strategic ties

Defence, security and strategic ties are growing day by day between India and Bangladesh.

Story of South Asian countries: ‘Bangladesh’ a ‘miracle story’ while Sri Lanka and Pakistan ‘disaster tales’

When Sri Lanka faced problems, Bangladesh provided 250 million in currency assistance for the first time. This was the first loan from Bangladesh for any country.

During this Ukraine war, India proves once again that it’s the real friend of Bangladesh

Prime Minister Modi praised the leadership of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for ensuring overall development. Modi promised to work with Sheikh Hasina to further strengthen India-Bangladesh relations.

Pakistan, Iran can’t provide weapons to the Myanmar Junta

Myanmar's military continues to buy weapons Due to its geographical location and its importance as an arms market; the country is also receiving concessions on arms purchases from various governments.

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