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Dr. Dilip Amin

Dr. Dilip Amin has a doctorate degree in Pharmacology and is a lifelong (42 years) researcher in the medical field. He has earned 6 patents and authored 23 scientific publications. Dr. Amin is a Director of the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition of the San Francisco Bay area, a certified speaker at Islamic Networks Group, and a Dharma Ambassador of Hindu American Foundation. He is a chaplain at local jails. Dr. Amin has travelled to 32 countries to learn of different cultures and religions. He has co-authored the book Hindu Vivaha Samskara. He founded the web forum and guided 1200 youths and summarized his experiences in the book--Interfaith Marriage: Share & Respect with Equality. He is also the founder of

Orthodox love in progressive city: A case study of a Muslim-Hindu relationship

Myra Farooqi, a Pakistani Muslim girl fell in love with an Indian Hindu man in the USA. They had a romantic relationship for 9 months that included drinking, dancing, kissing, and more.

Are American Universities sponsoring a new type of racism?

DGH stated that (all)Brahmins are violent proponents of casteism. This is blatant racism. It is not clear why 45+ American universities are sponsoring such a conference without supervision. Audrey Truschke's claim that Love-Jihad is a myth but her argument is weak considering her given example has nothing to do with a love relationship.

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