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Deepak Jena

Born in a remote area of ​​Odisha, an eastern state of India, Deepak Jena spent his childhood listening to ancient Indian stories. He holds a bachelor's degree in History and Political science from Utkal University, Odisha, as well as a B.Sc in Information Technology from Kuvempu University, Karnataka. While he is a software engineer by profession, he now lives in Hyderabad and works for a multinational software company. He has always had an interest and passion in the study and research of history and ancient Indian texts. "Information technology is my profession, but history and political science are my passion," he says. Jena has always insisted on presenting the most inexplicable facts of Indian ancient science and history with transparency and excellence.

It is not so “Difficult” to boycott Chinese products

It's hard but not impossible. This article answers all the doubts and questions that arise in the campaign to boycott Chinese products and presents the right steps to make the campaign a success in various ways.

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