Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Karan Thapar: A gentleman with jaundiced eyes

According to Mr. Thapar, "Freedom of speech is non-negotiable whilst respect for the flag is important” (read negotiable).

Fifty years of Naxalbari and the threat of urban naxals

Naxal threat is no longer limited to rural India. They are sitting into the AC cabins and also shaking hands with Jihadis.

What India needs to do while living with an utterly medieval neighbour

India not only needs to do counter attack on Pakistan but also needs to isolate Pakistan on diplomatic grounds.

What opponents of RSS need to understand

Left liberals have always put RSS under a dark lens ignoring its greatest contribution in India's independence movement.

From JNU to Ramjas: What we need to understand

Why Communists are moving hand in hand with Afghanistan in Indian universities, who were once at the loggerhead.

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