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Who says only Hinduism is divided?

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One of the major accusations falsely used by Evangelists to convert the vulnerable is that Hindu religion is divided by caste hierarchy. And by doling out freebies and other concessions funded by Overseas Missionary outfits, in combo with the promise of a division less community, they lure the innocent.

But today, a tragic event in Chennai, brought out how even the Christian community is full of worms. A young primary school boy of a private school, who had alighted from the school van, allegedly was run over fatally when the van was reversing. The enquiry is on and the actual truth about sequence of events will emerge later. Terrible but the way the schools exploit the students and parents, such things will keep happening.

But what was more heart tearing was the video which went viral, which showed the bereaved mother pouring her heart out ,as to how the Christian churches were merciless when she approached them for a space to bury her dear little son. She was ferocious. She said when she called up the nearby Church, they initially declined citing that she is not their member; in turn, they asked her to produce a certificate from the CSI of Madurai in which she was a member. That outfit in turn demanded that she pay up subscription to consider her request. Another church refused to entertain her fervent request citing that she was not a Roman Catholic. The forlorn mother swore that she was ashamed to be a Christian and would never again visit a Church.

She also narrated that even earlier when her mother had passed away, her request to the nearby Church for conducting prayers for the departed soul was shot down citing similar reasons of subscription and different order.

However the ACP attending the casualty, apparently helped sorting out the issue.

It has to be recalled that when a Covid Victim of a very good hearted Senior Doctor was to be buried, in a particular graveyard, the Church authorities refused citing the difference in the diacese. This doctor was well known for his poor friendly practice. It took the wife several court cases to finally get an order to bury the Good Samaritan, in the place of their choice and the relocate the mortal remains after exhuming the same from the place of temporary burial. This horrendous episode forced the then AIADMK government to pass a Government Order prohibiiting protest at burial places.

So, let the Cryptos learn that it is ” No Time to Die”!

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