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What INDIA can learn from 2020 US Presidential Election

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Pratik Kumar Rout
Just another 20 year old trying to bring around a change. I am anything but çliche. Would love feedback in comment section as well as through my email 🙂

In US, 2020 will be a major year politically. The much awaited presidential elections are going to take place on the 3rd of November. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is going head to head against the Republic candidate Donald Trump, also the current President of US. Not just COVID-19 (which failed to take any sheen off the elections) but something else rocked US this year and led to wide-spread protests through-out the country. The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. These were started when George Floyd (Minnesota) died from asphyxiation when he was pinned to the ground by a white Policeman. Daniel Prude (New York), Dean Kay (Washington DC), Jacob Blake shooting (Wisconsin) were some more cases which came up and further ignited the cause. These protests started around Mid-May and peaked towards Mid-July resulting in over 15 deaths, 14000+ arrests and properties damaged worth $500 Million in Minnesota alone.

2020 US Riots – ©The American Prospect

It is a well established fact that President Trump presents his racial views time to time. But the point of relevance here is if what happened against the black people in US in 2020 was really his doing? Doesn’t seem like it. Because any such incident would happen to have a negative impact on only one party. Republican Party. Trump’s Party. Whatever he might be, he is not a fool to make happen things which would be definitely going to affect his chances in the upcoming elections. Now which party happens to gain most from these racial killings and the subsequent movement? – Democratic Party. Biden’s Party. The states where the 4 major racial incidents took place which were the major cause of escalation of the movement are primarily Democratic controlled states. Based upon the above two fact-based
statements, you are free to form your own opinion.

If US is world’s 2nd largest democracy, India is world’s largest democracy. Unlike US, there is still time for India’s general elections(2024). While Trump is referred to as a racist, Modi is referred to as a fascist from a small portion of the Indian population calling themselves as leftists/liberals. This is because they feel Modi is a Muslim-hating politician whose policies are supposed to be against Muslims. The last two major riots in India where Muslim lives were lost along with Hindus were in Muzaffarnagar (2013) & Delhi (2020). Both Muzaffarnagar in 2013 and Delhi in 2020 are Non-BJP ruled states but the fingers are always pointed at Modi and BJP after any such incident. If any sort of anti-Muslim riot will take place in the near future, which parties will be benefited most from it? Not BJP for sure. Will a party try to affect its popular support negatively by being a part of such riots? Any sane analytical mind will say NO. So, beware Indian public. These sort of incidents will be on a rise while we go forward to 2024. Hope you will be wise then, to see through and distinguish between propaganda and Reality and to vote for the right party which will ensure proper governance of the country.

2020 Delhi Riots – ©Press Trust Of India

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Pratik Kumar Rout
Just another 20 year old trying to bring around a change. I am anything but çliche. Would love feedback in comment section as well as through my email 🙂

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