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The Ambiguity of ‘E’, politics over EIA 2020

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Environment or Economy? The gested principles of human life instruct us to respect our environment and also protect it but what about our monetory stability?

With current scenario of the country, amidst the COVID-19 crises when the world is facing scores of economic crashes, the primitive instinct of every responsible leader of a country would be to streamline the complications of business sector and stable the economy which is indeed burdensome.

The newly brought Environment Impact Assessment 2020 draft, formally known as the EIA 2020 amends certain implications which could result in losing confidence of industrialists and businessman. The draft further diluted the process to set up a new industry and provisions for them to even skip the whole assesment process. Many alleged experts pointed out implications in EIA 2020 by Modi led Government but forgot to acknowledge the initial dilution brought in the assessment under the UPA Government in 2006. The new EIA 2020 brought under NDA Government is a topic of debate. Country is under an economic crisis, and one of the ways to overcome it, is favouring industries and it’s ease of establishment.

But as said there should a balanced approach in the course of action. Completely sidelining the economy has disastrous consequences for an already dried up money flow of the country. The same people who objected and yelled so much about the crashing economy are now camouflaging their political agenda by being environmentalists. Rest assured it’s just a draft, off the latch to amendments with public opinions.

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Curiously living, analytically driven.
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