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India is a democratic country that allows every citizen to choose the leaders they want, accept those learders as national representatives and put them on stand when their decisions fail. However, over the time various communities have evolve challenging the nature of democracy and constitution, most of these communities oppose government and distort the structure of national formation. They just understand “put them on stand” part of democracy leading to national chaos and new forms of crime. They not only put their agenda and disguise it as national interest, but they also abuse freedom of speech to it fullest as a result last decade has experienced some serious threats towards the cultural and moral value of India as a nation.

These communities also add fuel to religious political fire resulting people going against each other while they sit in their full furnished villa enjoying their evening tea. These people fight crime by being criminals themselves, they say anything about the national representative and no one have control over them. They forget in a democracy praising and raising right issue is equally important to keep the morale of citizens high, but they chose otherwise.

In order to save the democracy and its essence it’s important to acknowledge the fact that for next four years we have to deal with the same government we like it or not. So why not use democracy to it’s best, praise government on its achievements and criticize it on its failure, why not try to make the India we all dream of?

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गुप्त काल को स्वर्ण युग क्यों कहा जाता है

एक सफल शासन की नींव समुद्रगप्त ने अपने शासनकाल में ही रख दी थी इसीलिए गुप्त सम्राटों का शासन अत्यधिक सफल रहा। साम्राज्य की दृढ़ता शांति और नागरिकों की उन्नति इसके प्रमाण थे।

मनुस्मृति और जाति प्रथा! सत्य क्या है?

मनुस्मृति उस काल की है जब जन्मना जाति व्यवस्था के विचार का भी कोई अस्तित्व नहीं था. अत: मनुस्मृति जन्मना समाज व्यवस्था का कहीं भी समर्थन नहीं करती.