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Padma Shree Award to Adnan Sami – ‘Congress spider’ caught in own cobweb

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The congress party of the dynast has developed a ‘default memory disease’ that is, he must always oppose and abuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even when the whole world praises and appreciates Modi, the pessimistic, jealous DNA of the congress party longs to code nothing but only abuse and criticism of Modi. The 5th generation dynast knows nothing but to make himself a joker in every public forum and abuse Modi.

Modi government is working overtime for sab ka vikas. BJP doesn’t discriminate people based on their religion or caster or other denominations. Modi and Amit Shah want to ensure the prosperity and happiness of all Indians. It means, India needs Indians, Indians by thought, word and deed. People should feel they are Indians first and only then they should think about their religion. When they think about their first identity as Indian also must cherish India as what it is today is Hinduism, Hindu way of living and Hindu tradition.

All Indians irrespective of their different religious practices are followers of Hinduism although they may not be Hindus by religion. People should not confuse between Hindus and Hinduism.  Hinduism is the identity, index and prologue of India. India means in in strict sense, Hinduism, which is the spirit and letter of India.

Modi Government is very fair and impartial and hence has recognized Adnan Sami, a famous singer with Padma Shree award, one of the finest civilian awards conferred to people of outstanding and exceptional contributions to the society. But the congress party of the dynast has brutally mocked, sniggered and attacked Modi for granting the award to Adnan Sami.

The basis for the criticism of Padma award to Adnan Sami is that Sami’s father was a soldier of Pakistan and he has bombed India during war in mid-1960. Therefore the credence of Adnan Sami must be suspected but instead of that, Modi has awarded Adnan Sami with Padma Shree was the criticism of congress party and several other tukde tukde gangs.

The subsequent revelations of Adnan Sami about how he became the citizen of India and who wanted him to move to India and seek citizenship etc., has rocked India and proved how notorious and hypocritical is the congress party of the dynast. It was the third generation dynast- Rajiv Gandhi who happens to be the friend of Adnan Sami’s father, who was also a pilot and after leaning from him that his son, i.e., Adnan Sami was a singer etc., Rajiv Gandhi had advised the father of Adnan Sami to send his son to India and settle so that he can easily turns out to be a great musician. Since then Adnan Sami has been living in India as an Indian citizen with full of Indian-ness and the all-inclusive Hinduism.

But today the same congress is questioning Modi for giving Padma Shree award to Adnan Sami. Adnan Sami has made tremendous contributions to music and tradition of India. It looks like the congress has shot the gun much before it was aimed and now had caught in own cobweb. The BJP’s response to the criticism of congress was even superb which has put the congress party of the dynast precarious.

BJP’s reply was that if congress party wants to question the credence of Adnan Sami due to his father who served Pakistan defence force, then how India should view the paternal ancestry of the Sonia Gandhi, the working president of congress party.

Because of Modi-phobia and inborn jealous of the 5th generation dynast of the congress party, several sycophants of the congress party had shot the gun at Adnan Sami thinking that they could easily attack Modi but all of them were completely silenced by the revelations of none other than Adnan Sami himself. Congress party is just interested only in abusing Modi and hence forgot its own history and past deeds and got thoroughly exposed. If the congress party and other so called tukde tukde gangs are that sincere in protecting secular values should have large heartedly appreciated and praised Modi for his fair and impartial governance spirit.

Modi always go by merit and will not entertain nepotism or sycophancy or dynastic culture. The question of how can we question the Indian-ness of Adnan Sami because his father had served the defence force of Pakistan is quite fair point. But why the congress party could not be fair in its criticism because the congress party is nothing by an inherited business unit.

From Nehru, his daughter inherited the party, then her son Rajiv Gandhi, then it went to the hands of his wife- the Italian born Sonia Gandhi and then to her son the 5th generation dynast –Rahul Gandhi. Because of the dynastic mind-set and culture, it would have assumed that Adnan Sami although has been living as India citizen but still may have allegiance only to Pakistan. 

Let us forgive the congress party for its ignorance and its dynastic politics and let us work together to save India by pledging our unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah. The people from minority community also must realize the truth that Modi is working for sab ka vikas whereas most of the regional parties and tukde tukde gangs are working overtime to develop own family and hence the minority communities should not fall victim again to all those pseudo-secular forces and instead must support Modi to make India a great land where Ram and Rahim are equal contributors and beneficiary.

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