Hindus should think seriously about this

On 9th November 2019, Supreme Court of India announced the verdict on 490+ years old dispute about Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Since then there is a deluge of reactions from all secularists as well as Muslims from various quarters. The famous TV Anchor & writer wrote in Washington Post “What India owes its Muslim citizens after the Ayodhya temple verdict”, Muslims have accepted verdict, The judgement is on the basis of Faith, to forget History & move on. Some people asking now, “Are Hindus going to demand about Kashi & Mathura”. Some are quoting PLACES OF WORSHIP (SPECIAL PROVISIONS) ACT 1991.

But the real reactions of Muslims came from Assaudin Owassi “I want my Masjid Back” or some demanding 5 Acres of land in the same 67 Acres complex of Ram Janma Bhumi.

The point to be noted here is that even after 490+ years dispute & pitched battle in the Supreme Court about the evidences shown about the Historicity, these people are yet not convinced that Babri Mosque was built destroying a Hindu Temple. Muslims have inflicted terrible atrocities on Hindus for their belief system. These people are able to do this because most common people particularly common Muslims (even Hindus) do not know the History or many a times the History is deliberately white washed.

Mr. Prafulla Gordia in his book “Hindu Mosque” has listed so many places where the remains of this destruction due to theology of Islam are visible overtly even today. Look at this Gyanvapi Mosque. The fourth wall of the Mosque clearly shows that it is built using a wall of Temple. But have we seen any Muslim or secularist apologetic about it even today?

Everybody will tell you to forget History and move on. But we have to remember that as recently as in 1947, this country was divided in to two parts on the basis of religion. As recent as 1991 Hindus in Kashmir were ethnically cleansed only because of their beliefs. The India that we know today is the remaining portion of India that has shrunk from Afghanistan or beyond to today’s political India. And even that is on target of Muslim fundamentalists or secularists like Owassi or Pakistan.

Till the parliament changes the “PLACES OF WORSHIP (SPECIAL PROVISIONS) ACT 1991” Hindus should demand that at each of the identified and verified places, where ever it is known beyond doubt that the Mosque is built on a temple, a Prominent Board by the act of Parliament, is put up mentioning “This place was an original Temple of Hindus of God so & so on which this Mosque is built on date so and so by so and so.” Like in above case of Gyanvapi Mosque “This place was an original Hindu Temple of Kashi Vishwanath on which this Mosque is built in 1664 by Aurangzeb” This will keep visitors as well as worshipers who go there for worship about the original History of the place.

The Jews have created Holocaust Museums all over the world that keeps Jews and the other world reminding of atrocities inflicted on them. That keeps reminding mankind the terrible things happened in the past. Sages have said “Those who do not know their past, have bleak Future”

People will think twice before saying “What India owes its Muslim citizens after the Ayodhya temple verdict” or “I want my Mosque back”.

Barkha Dutt should write “What India Muslim citizens owe to Hindus after the Ayodhya temple verdict”.

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