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Good governance of Modi and extinction of opposition

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People would often say, strong opposition is must for healthy democracy. But in India, the opposition is vanishing swiftly. The simple reason is, as long as Narendra Modi continues as the Prime Minister of India and BJP in power, democracy and good governance shall exist without opposition. The agenda of Narendra Modi is development, national security and sab ka vikas.

This is the first experiment in entire world that the democracy would flourish even without strong opposition if the governance is good and development centric. The question of why the opposition parties are vanishing very fast and some regional parties once considered to be strong have come to the brink of extinction?

We must understand the ground truth and only then every Indian can appreciate the fact that India must be saved from all those Tukde Tukde gangs, dynastic corrupt forces and India must be made congress mukt.

Indians must note down the following points to understand why they should elect Modi and save India.

  1. Good governance cannot be questioned, criticized or defeated by those who have gifted bad and worst governance in the past. Congress party not only has the legacy of family rule but also has the great tradition of corruption and scam. India has been pushed backward several centuries by congress party and the same party also has divided India by the politics of minority appeasement and pseudo secularism. Therefore congress party cannot defeat BJP and Modi as they represent honesty, purity and symbol of good and corruption free governance.
  2. The regional parties like DMK, TMC, TDP, SP, BSP, JDS etc., also carry a big baggage of corruption and dynastic politics, therefore people are unwilling to accept the narratives of these parties against PM Modi.
  3. Corrupts cannot question and defeat honesty. Modi is the most honest leader in Indian politics, always stood for values, integrity and governance free of corruption, discrimination and minority appeasement. Congress party is synonym and expansion of corruption and that is how people of India see congress party. The credibility of many regional parties is also the same.   Therefore even if all these parties join together, they cannot question Modi because none of them have any credibility or bare minimum eligibility to question the embodiment of truth, honesty, sincerity – Modi.
  4. Dynasty cannot question and defeat merit. Modi has come to power through hard work, sincerity and merit. Modi has begun his life in a humble way as a tea seller and rose to the highest position of Prime Minister of India purely through merit and with the unconditional support of millions of people of India. Whereas the dynasts like Raghul Gandhi, MK Stalin, Chandrababu Naidu, Akilesh Yadav all have come to power purely due their family and not due to any political merit. Today except MK Stalin, no other leader in DMK is eligible to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu if the party comes to power. So is SP in UP. Rahul Gandhi becomes the chief of the party only because of his family and not due to any merit. So meritless dynasts cannot question or defeat the real merit. Modi represents the most clean and most appropriate leader to lead India.
  5. Nepotism cannot question and defeat fairness. The governance of Narendra Modi is absolutely free from nepotism and favouritism. Only based on merit and performance, people both in BJP and in government can expect growth. On the contrary, in congress party, all those who wield power in the party are born sycophants and punkah coolies, do not have any support base among people, cannot contest or win election.
  6. Apna vikas cannot defeat the philosophy and agenda of sab ka vikas. Modi has been working tirelessly to empower everyone, achieve growth and development of every one without looking into the caste, creed or religion. A true Ram Rajya is the motto of Modi where everyone participates in building NEW India and equally benefit from the government. Equal opportunity, equal dignity and equal benefit is the political principle of Narendra Modi whereas the opposition parties and the congress party in particular would recognize only those prove their sycophancy and loyalty to the dynast the most and not those who work for the party the most or those who are meritorious.
  7. The agenda of people and nation first cannot be weaken or defeated by family first and everything next. Modiji and BJP firmly believe in Nation First and not the party first. Modi is the first Prime Minister in the recent times shown utmost courage to defeat terrorism, proxy war and those who threat national security. Patriotism, India, the growth and development of India, security of India are the soul messages of Modi whereas congress party believes only in one family and for the congress men; India means the dynast and nothing else.
  8. Child of Bofors scam cannot caste shadow on a fair and transparent two nation deal of Rafale. Indian politics was rocked by Bofors scam of Rajiv Gandhi and later news appeared in the media that more than Rajiv Gandhi, it was the Italian family involved in the scam. The present dynast of the congress party was a child then. In a literal sense, the child of Bofors scam how can question or call Modi a thief. All the more the dynast and many members of his family are on bail on charges of corruption.  A person with such bonafide is calling Modi, thief.
  9. Indians must look at various facts that are available before them. India must be saved from those corrupt forces engaged in spreading negativity and lies. Modi alone can save India, elect him and save India.
  10. Opposition is vanishing because none of them have honesty, nationalism, merit and vision.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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