RaGa’s Congress just got defeated by NZ Prime Minister in the race of appeasement politics

This horrible woman evokes love in my heart for the Indian National Congress, because, when it comes to cheap appeasement politics, Congress got nothing on Jacinda Ardern.

Broadcasting the Azaan via television, and promoting the hijab to non-Muslim women, as a sign of solidarity and wearing it herself could be accepted, though not without the argument on cultural appropriation the liberals are so sensitive about. But in an attempt to pandering further to the (now) vulnerable and emotionally fragile minority vote bank, she has banned Jorden Peterson’s non-racist, non-Islamophobic, self-help book only because he had once taken a picture with a fan who was wearing an offensive T-shirt. Peterson clicks 1000 fan pics every month. How is he responsible for the NZ incident or a fan’s choice of wardrobe?

What’s more? Dev Patel’s movie Hotel Mumbai, based on the 2008 Mumbai attack, has been banned too. Why? Showing how Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, an active Islamist militant organization, killed 164 innocent INDIANS won’t sit well with the vote bank she is desperate to woo. But why must LeT killing 164 Indians be offensive to the group we are talking about? Whatever happened to “terrorism has no religion”? This is a woman that disregards the brutal killing of 164 people, and does all kinds of nautanki – yep, all that she’s doing is pure nautanki – to demonstrate how much she values the 49. She loves no one but the incoming votes.

With books and movies being banned, whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH granted by section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA)? Flushed it down the commode!

Islam is followed by 1% of NZ’s total population, and this is the kind of appeasement the PM has resorted to. Had she been our PM, one can only imagine what abyssal she would have hit to secure those 172 million or so votes. We all need to thank our stars, we don’t have this woman in our country. I am guessing all our temples would have been razed to the ground in an institutionalized way, the colors of Holi been snatched away and a black burkhas would have been mandated on women across faiths.

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