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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the heart of not only India but also the world

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Most of the opposition parties in India so far have been spreading lies and negativism against the several foreign visits of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But today India has witnessed what he has achieved for India through his foreign visits and relationship building exercise. The Pakistan trained terrorists recently attacked Pulwama killing several of our military forces. Narendra Modi being the most decisive and patriotic Prime Minister ever Indian has in recent times, decided to dismantle the terror network in Pakistan and hence made an airstrike against the terrorists camp in Pakistan.

Not only Pakistan was rattled by the retaliation, was also pushed to a precarious situation. India did not attack the military base of Pakistan or proved Pakistan for war but made a pre-emptive non-military strike at the terrorist’s base which Pakistan has every reason to appreciate and support India. Pakistan although tried to escalate the issue but no global countries were not willing to support Pakistan and instead most world countries warned Pakistan to eliminate terrorist network in Pakistan or face global wrath.

In the meanwhile Pakistan, may be satisfy its terror group, made an attack against India by using F6 fight which was gun down by Indian Air Force and in the meanwhile, one of our pilot got trapped into the custody of Pakistan Army. More than India, several countries in the world including the Arab Nations warned Pakistan to release the Pilot as he was not a war criminal justifying the Airstrike made by India was non-military pre-emptive strike against terrorist base and not against Pakistan Army. Pakistan finds no ground to hold on and finally agreed to handover the pilot to India.


The question is how India made such great victory?  No doubt our defence department deserves full credit for protecting our nation. But the global support also came in favour of India and it was mainly due to PM Modi who made bilateral relationship with most countries. Had he been indifferent and irresponsible like the minority appeasing dynastic party, today India would have paid heavy price to Pakistan terrorists and would have been left to murmur grief and helplessness like how India was after 26/11 attack by Pakistan terrorists in Indian soil when congress party was in power.

People of India must be graceful and grateful to PM Narendra Modi that he worked hard to develop India, achieve sab ka vikas & to eliminate corruption, poverty, nepotism and dynastic politics. He also worked overtime to improve international relationship with several world countries. PM Modi also convinced the world about the commitment of India to eliminate terrorism and establish harmony, universal brotherhood and peace.

What we see today is nothing but the seeds sowed by the PM Modi since 2014. Indians should realize the absolute truth that under him it is not just India would develop but India shall also remain safe and secured. The global community also will be there to support India in the hour of crisis. Under PM Modi, India will grow as one of the global leaders and would decide and dictate the fortune and destiny of the world.


No Prime Minister of India in the recent time has shown such great leadership charisma, vision, decisiveness, assertiveness, diplomacy, political maturity, personal honesty, commitment, hardworking tendency, patriotism, universal peace and brotherhood, development and sab ka vikas.

Continuation of the Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India is not only necessary for India but also for the world as world has started to see India as the nation of talent, economic super power, quality, honesty, decisiveness etc., only due to and because of PM Modi.

People of India must re-elect Narendra Modi for a better, prosperous, safe India where India shall be the leader and maker of the destiny and fortune of the world. The dynastic forces and Tukde Tukde gangs can only destabilise India, make India corrupt, scam rich, underdeveloped and poverty rich state. Hope India will have the fortune to have Narendra Modi back again as our DEAR Prime Minister.

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