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Why EV Ramasamy Naicker (EVR) supported a Brahmin and defeated Ramalinga Chettiyar

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Was EVR a firm believer of certain ideology or had he compromised some, at least in part strictly for personal benefits/advantage, requires an impartial analysis. It appears EVR had compromised his ideologies for personal benefits at least at once and that was how he defeated Ramalinga Chettiyar in Erode and worked for BV Narasimha Iyer and made him victorious.

The reason for EVR to work for Narasimha Iyer was quite surprising. EVR became Chairman of Erod Municipality in 1918. Prior to that EVR brought an advocate to Erode from Pollachi as there was no advocate in Erode and the name of the advocate was Srinivasa Mudalliar. EVR and Srinivasa Mudalliar could not get along well due to some reason.  Subsequently EVR become the chairman of Erode Municipality. However protest grew against him alleging him that he was a thug and his candidature should be cancelled. The person who championed against EVR was Srinivasa Mudaliar.

To plead his innocence and to submit his records EVR met one T. Rajagopalachary the then member of the council, who, according to EVR, greeted EVR with fatherly affection and promised to ensure justice to EVR. Finally EVR won the case.


As a gratitude to the personal help he received, he supported the candidature of Narasimha Iyer, campaigned for Narasimha Iyer and defeated Ramalinga Chettiyar. EVR himself admits that he was although a staunch promoter of anti-Brahmin politics but still supported a Brahmin due to the support and help that he received from T Rajagopalachary, a Brahmin.

The question to be debated is not about the gratitude of EVR but how he had defeated own principles when it became necessary for his own benefit. Should he not have risen above his personal benefits when he wished to interject himself into the public life for social reform and to save the poor and downtrodden people?

Another point of contradiction of EVR was even more shocking. He wanted the term Dravidian to be used for Tamil Nadu instead the term Tamil because, according to him if the term Tamil was used, even the Tamil speaking Brahmins also became the part of such reference whereas when the term Dravidian was used, Brahmins even though they speak Tamil as their mother tongue can be excluded by branding them as Aryan race and will not come under the definition of Dravidian race.


What a bizarre rationale and intellect EVR had displayed and promoted in Tamil Nadu. The above argument of EVR clearly proves one thing that when Dravidian term was used, even Telugu, Kannada and Kerala people also can be defined under Tamil so that the identity of Telugu, Kannada and Malayalee people also can be embraced under Tamil identity through tagging them as Dravidian. Whereas Brahmins, even if they speak Tamil as mother tongue for generations, they can be isolated by branding them as Aryan race. In any case, he had taken the people of Tamil Nadu for a big ride.

By way of opposing and spitting hatred against Brahmins, EVR did nothing worthwhile to the people of Tamil Nadu and if he really wants to do something substantial, he could have done. He was very influential during 1967 when DMK formed the first government in the state. If he was genuine, he could have classified all the Tamil people except Brahmins (as they were already branded as Aryan and persecuted like Jews) as Dravidian race and the reservation within Dravidian race would have been based on economic and educational status and not based on caste. The caste system in Tamil Nadu would have got abolished long before. But EVR was tactfully silent when the Dravidian party used the caste formula to win election.

It is for the people of Tamil Nadu, especially the younger generation to impartially analyse how the state was destroyed through the politics of hatred, anti-God, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin, anti-North India propaganda by the followers of EVR and Dravidian party.


MGR and Amma brought several reforms to the state initiated by Kamaraj, brought down the hate politics, politics of anti-God, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin-ism. Tamil Nadu needs the dreams and missions of MGR and Amma with the help and guidance of PM Modi at the centre and not the politics of dynasty either in Tamil Nadu or in the centre.

Hope the agenda of development and sab ka vikas of PM Narendra Modi will win in Tamil Nadu to complete all the unfulfilled promises and dreams of MGR and Amma.

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