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Till 2015, I was a Kejriwal supporter and Modi hater but then I noticed who was who when the power was given to them

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.

“Mr Roark, we’re alone here. Why don’t you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us.”
“But I don’t think of you.”

-Chapter XV, p. 413; Ellsworth Toohey and Howard Roark

I applaud Narendra Modi for seeing what most people couldn’t see. It was that Kejriwal will be irrelevant in a few years.

No matter how much Kejriwal try to act like Toohey, an evil mastermind character from the highly acclaimed novel by Ayn Rand, “The Fountainhead”, to malign the character of Modi, complain about him, tell people that Modi was going to kill everybody including him, Modi, like Roark, doesn’t say a word. He refuses to acknowledge his presence around him. That is how Roark, the hero of “The Fountainhead” treated Toohey who has was trying to destroy him for ages. He refused to acknowledge his presence in his life and didn’t care what he was doing. That was the source of Toohey’s frustration all along.

Toohey knew that Roark was a man of extreme will and a great man and to prove himself worthy all he needed was his attention which Roark refused to give.

The day Modi will say, even in hidden, ambiguous language, anything about Kejriwal he will bring Kejriwal to the centre politics. And that is that Kejriwal wants. He knows that without fighting the bigger player, he cannot become big. His ambition is not to become the CM of a state or change the country anymore, his ambitions are bigger than that. However, in the distant future of nearly twenty years, I am pretty sure, he won’t come any near to it. By that time, if he learns from his mistake, he might have some chance, but not now.

I don’t think Kejriwal was corrupt. Today I think he is but back then he was not. I don’t think he even knew what it was to be to have so much power. As Alvin Toffler would have written about him that he had no idea what the power of finance, force, people and knowledge through that chair will bring him.

Still, I don’t think it is his fault. He has no Godfather in the politics industry and he has neither experience nor any formal education. He is even junior to Rahul Gandhi who has far more experience in his field. Kejriwal is a clueless man who is opposing everything the country offers and presents every problem this country like it is a dire situation. Earlier he counted every corrupt leader of this country has and now he is sitting with all of them. They along with him have one thing lacking, which makes him the worst leader among all the leaders of our times – Vision.

Kejriwal didn’t know politics and its luxuries when he came to power. He accused nearly every other known politician in the country because nearly everyone was corrupt. Even for those who were not corrupt, since the majority was corrupt, it was easy to believe for people that everyone was corrupt. The public was not happy. The truth be told, the public is never happy and they are constantly looking for a change. The change that does not go through them. The corruption of Congress didn’t happen because it is a corrupt party but because we as citizens let that happen. The greed overpowers vision every time and it did with both Congress and AAP.

Kejriwal offered people change. Before Kejriwal, there was no activist who did such dramatics. Initially, when Kejriwal took a U-turn on any of his promises he would blame it on the public because in his mind the faceless, nameless Indian people can be used for anything. The method was successful but soon people started calling his bullshit.

Kejriwal did what most liberals does, they appear to be aggressive, they appear to be emotional, they would state facts about how things are going wrong and what is wrong with the country. The problem is that when someone is shouting about the problems, again and again, people assume that he might also have the solution. They don’t and that is where vision comes in, hence Modi.

The best part of BJP, especially Modi and his speeches was that he was never posting a list of problems. He was telling the problems in the manner that it can be solved. He was always optimistic about India and its people. Atal Bihari Vajpayee did the same. Modi keeps saying to people that if people do well, the country does well. He keeps saying that to make things better everyone has to come together and might face little difficulties. People are ready for that. That kind of optimistic approach can only come from someone who places country above everything.

Till 2015, I was a Kejriwal Supporter and Modi hater but then I saw who was who when the power was given to them. Kejriwal not only disappointed people like me, but he has also created scepticism in the minds of people for any honest man who would fight for the country in the future. No one trusts Dharna Protests anymore. They are reduced to jokes now.

Kejriwal remind me of the tagline from that Usual suspect which I am bending a little to suit his style of politics –

“The greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince the world that was he is not corrupt.”

Kejriwal and other parties played with the one most important aspect of people that political gurus from the advent of human civilization have been teaching everyone – Pathos.

They played with Pathos to get votes and then killed hopes in return. They showed them the other side. The side that was not there. They made them see a world which in the novels is often labelled as Utopia. Utopia is an ideal state where everything works perfectly and smoothly but the world is not an ideal place.

The truth is that no country is ideal and everyday people have to work hard to make it better.

There are things that we as humans want to believe as true because of the convenience of thinking and reject the truth because the truth is harsh.

For example, if I tell you that you should NOT run after your passion as it is the cause of failure of most people, then probably you won’t believe me. But if you read the reports of Dr Cal Newport you will realise that statistically people who spend more time honing their skills in doing what they are doing even though they don’t like doing it, then irrespective of the fact whether they are passionate about it or not, they will become successful. Acclaimed non-fiction writers like Robert Greene, Malcolm Gladwell also mention the same findings in their books.

Similarly, everyone is running after start-ups, but 99% of startups fail because people lose patience after a while and get frustrated looking at the life and luxury of the 1% that got success. If you read theories of Simon Sinek you will realize that according to statistics any startup takes at least 3 years before it finally starts showing profits.

So there is truth and there is a truth that we want to believe and liberals want to believe in the truth that is convenient to them. In the long run that made up truth is what causes the harm to them and those associated with them.

What Kejriwal got was a fluke? He played with the emotions of the people. People needed a leader and he portrayed himself one when deep down he wasn’t capable of being one. Truth be told he wasn’t even expecting to become the CM. He just got lucky.

Psychologically, Kejriwal thinks of himself as saviour and a hero and believes that he is trying to save the world. In his own mind, he justifies every act that he does. To be attacked by others is what keep his desires of being a hero alive. If he is not attacked by anyone, doesn’t get attention, he will do something to attack others, so that when they would attack him back, he could play the victim card and again, play with the pathos of the public.

Kejriwal reminds me of the joker from Dark knight whose sole intention was to create chaos for his personal amusement and had no desire to achieve anything.

Kejriwal lost the respect of many people when he doubted Surgical Attacks. Of all the things the country, why would he choose such a topic? It was a gross misstep from a political point of view.

No one understood that why the government will fake the attacks. Pakistan has been our enemy since 1947 and I am pretty sure no one in the government is friends with Pakistan, a country that lives on alms provided by other countries.

There was no logic or proper reasons behind faking the attacks when we are completely capable of doing the attacks. People attacked him and he stopped making those vlog videos. But since he had already let the cat out of bags and Congress keeps looking for anything to attack Modi, trying to find another coffin scam, they got together to give it more voice.

Kejriwal has no merit of his own. Mahagathbandhan calls him because he is anti-Modi and is very vocal about him. He wouldn’t shy from creating fake allegations to target Modi.

In his recent speech, he said that the Modi and Shah are the biggest criminals and if they keep ruling then there will remain no country.

The problem is that his fierce talk and the situation of dire need that he mentions in his speech is not felt by most. There is no emergency situation that can be seen. The country is working even better than it was before. There can be differences of opinion of people in various subjects on Modi but no one can target Modi of destroying the country.

The worst part of the current politics is that the opposition along with Kejriwal is trying to copy the agendas of BJP instead of having an agenda of their own. Ram Mandir, nationalism, loan waiving, helping poor farmers, reservation to economically backwards are few topics which everyone criticized initially but these agendas are coming again and again in their speeches and now in their manifestos.

People want to live a life where everything is trouble free and they don’t have to work hard to earn more money. Basically, a utopia that I was talking about earlier. The politicians have been playing with this human greed of Utopia since ages and Kejriwal did the same in 2015.

He came like a hero to save the nation from the clutches of a big villain. But for anyone to become a big hero, one needs a greater villain. The greater the villain and more visible, the mightier will be the fight and greater will be the hero.

Kejriwal fought against Congress at that time, not BJP. For him whoever is in power, if they are not him, are corrupt and inefficient. (Here I am not commenting on how corrupt congress or BJP are, this article is about how corrupt, morally corrupt, Kejriwal is). And now he is sitting with Congress and fighting BJP. Tomorrow he will join hands with BJP, if congress comes to power.

In a letter to an Anglican bishop, Lord Acton wrote,

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This quote in itself is very important to understand the current condition of Indian Politics. Modi and Kejriwal, both got absolute powers in 2014 and 2015 respectively and look what they did with it. Modi ran the country like an institution where everybody counted and had an opinion, while Kejriwal kept throwing everyone out of his own party one by one.

Today, the people who made AAP are not part of AAP anymore and what can be more ironical than that.

“The man who was fighting against evil, one day comes to know that the evil was inside him.”

Kejriwal sets a bad example of a politician and I believe that there is no way he is coming back to Delhi in 2020.

Kejriwal as a man cannot be trusted because he himself doesn’t trust anything he says. There is a difference between an activist and a politician and Kejriwal is the living example of what happens when that boundary is crossed.

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.
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