How IoI gang is resorting to slander campaign to discredit right wingers

The infamous pillion rider who also allegedly masquerades as “Samaj ka thekedar” of India in the global media, tweeted the following link from their latest propaganda website:

And then this guy went a step ahead generalizing the people who disagree with him (now typical fibral reaction) by questioning the IQ.

What does the report states?

Further more they allege. (I love using word allege as freely as the IOI gang)

A  5 min dig of internet was all that it took to unravel the details and uncover the truth.

The news reports actually mentioned him as twitter India head by none other than the poster boy of communist in India

  1. The Hindu:2) The Daily Mail:

Now if Right wingers calling Khursheed as twitter India head make them low IQ people then I am sure that also makes these poster boys to IOI too fit in same category.

Next allegation from them that Mr Khursheed has nothing to do with the unfair treatment of Rightwinger also took an hit when I saw the details of his job profile of his new position from daily mail report.

So he is responsible to escalate issues to internal support and policy teams as needed.

Does that leave any doubt why the complaints of one particular group of people are taken up on priority and acted on while similar calls from another set get ignored?

The IOI gang is known to play with half truths and this is another instance where they are caught with their pants down. But they will fail when their each attempt is followed by rebuttal.

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