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Violence in Manipur

Manipur:- The unending saga

Political instability, economic issues, volatile security, ethnic strife, social issues etc continues to dominate Manipur even today.

The European Parliament has shaped the narrative of the Manipur turmoil into a religious clash

On the 13th of July, the corridors of the European Parliament (EP) echoed concerns as a resolution urging Indian authorities to quell the violence...

The criminals of Manipur: No one burned Manipur?

Violence triggered with the Kuki community attacking Meitei establishments in Churachandpur during the Tribal Solidarity March took by the Naga-Kukis to protest against the inclusion of Meiteis as tribes.

Violence in Manipur: A deeper look

The conflict is rooted in the long-standing tensions between the Meitei people, who are the majority in the Imphal Valley, and the tribal communities from the surrounding hills.

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