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US Election

Expectations from upcoming India- US 2+2 dialogue

the latest 3rd round of India US 2+2 dialogue which is expected to be held on October 26-27 is of great significance and concrete outcomes are expected.

Vote Trump 2020: Why an Indian prefers Donald Trump to be re-elected as America’s president

Here is why Democrats especially the combination of Biden-Kamala Harris is just the kind of duo India would not like to have in the White House.

Britain’s hard Brexit strategy: Unraveling of the European Union?

Brexit will have negative consequences only in the short term. Brexit is a trade dispute between the UK and the EU. Projecting this as a global trade malaise is an exaggeration.

Clinton Versus Trump Debate – No Clear Winner

The first 2016 Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was held on Monday, September 26th at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The...

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