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UN Secretary-General’s apt reference to Maha Upanishad: “One Earth, One Family, One Future”

UN Secretary-General's reference to 'One Earth, One Family, One Future' echoes brilliantly in Angkor Wat's Sanskrit Maha Upanishad inscription, emphasizing the timeless relevance of unity, shared wisdom, and our responsibility to preserve our interconnected world.

What does the Vedas teach us, in this Pandemic

The world has recognized the way of untouched greeting- 'Namaste'. World has so much to learn from Hinduism and its scriptures for the betterment of human race.

Forgotten scriptures – The Vedas

The Vedas are the oldest sacred text available not only in Hinduism but to mankind, as far as known till date. That can be a reason, it is said अनंता वै वेदा:

Even in Gujarat, Hinduism gets a raw deal in school textbooks

Hinduism remains very much untouched or not articulated properly in Gujarat state textbooks.

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