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Act East Policy, Cultural Connectivity, and Tourism

Act East Policy, or “AEP”, is the most outstanding policy that makes Modi’s administration likely takes a serious step towards Southeast Asia.

Changing the way we travel post pandemic

As Marcel Proust said ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’

Indian Tourism- The way forward?- A wishlist for the Modi 2.0

There is a despondency in the sector and a quick look at the brochures of various foreign tourist operators reveal that India is no longer a ‘Hot’ destination.

Budget 2019: Kill the Mules!

This Budget has disappointed on several scores, however the biggest disappointment by far has been the one-trick act that the government revenue has been reduced to.

Dental Tourism in India: A brave new world

Dental tourism unlocks news doors of opportunities for Indian dentists to upgrade their practices to the best international standards

Dictatorship cannot be imposed in the name of Gandhism

Is ban on alcohol in Bihar and Delhi really altruistic or their CM's ladder to personal aspiration?

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