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sexual assault

Marital rape: Implementation of procedural law

Marital rape is infringing the fundamental right to live with dignity under article 21 of the Constitution of India. It is the duty casted upon the state to make proper norms to make marital rape as penal offence and criminalize this act.

A broken society

The lack of the enforcement of laws, the extreme ignorance of the government and many other such factors combine together to give a rise to sexual violence.

Marital rape scenario in India

In marital rape the victim being the wife suffers all kinds of hardships and husband being the perpetrator doesn’t feel he his doing anything wrong as he believes its his right to have sexual relations with his wife whether she gives consent or not.

Men need to step up to improve the position of women in Indian society

We as a society need to give freedom to our girls

How should Men respond to a ‘Me Too’ like campaign

A change in attitude is needed

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