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The case for the Presidential System – But for heaven sake not the US style Presidential System

In this opinion piece there are arguments for why to pick the Presidential System, however not the US style Presidential System. What worried me, were some comments made by

Why Delhi Police did not take Action on Rioters – fake protestors?

Has Delhi police failed or the story is something else? Lets look at the issue comparing with 2002 riots of Gujarat.

A voice of Republic vs The State Police

It appears nowadays that the petition of Corpus Cum Causa has lost its seriousness in the eyes of the presiding officers of court.

Bollywood: The unofficial oligarchy

So-called loving family Bollywood claims to be is in actuality an oligarchy ruled by tyrannical bigots- India’s dirtiest industry is one of the very places in the world where adopting neutrality and turning your back to scathing evidence is what ensures your safety.

Has US media gone too far in criticizing Donald Trump?

Constant criticism of Donald Trump by media has made Americans incline towards Social Media.

Republic: How 29 tweets sent a shiver in Lutyens Delhi

Republic hasn’t aired for even one second yet. The Lutyens media is screaming purely out of panic fear.

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