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‘Jan Shakti’ and versus ‘Dhan Shakti’: Defeat dynast, elect Modi, save India

The reason why most of the dynastic forces are rattled with Modi because defeating someone with ‘Jan Shakti’ is impossible and before ‘Jan Shakti, the Dhan Shakti cannot win.

Dear people, vote is a collective responsibility!

In this election season being world’s largest democracy we need to understand what vote meant for voter not the nominated candidate.

Mahagathbandhan – ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ with quack quack here, there, everywhere

The irony is that the regional parties like BSP, SP, TMC etc., wants Mahagathbandhan without congress which congress wants to support because congress wants to defeat BJP.

Congress proves dynasty must prevail yet again, by carefully choosing their political leaders

Picking up the trusted old leaders who has always been loyal to family and have no or very less visibility on national politics was their default choice.

Regional parties for Congress Mukt Bharat

Congress fomenting the idea of third front government just to stop Modi in 2019 and allowing the third front to fall from within or due to the dirty politics of congress party will weaken the congress party further.

Can regional political parties survive if they keep on putting regionalism over nationalism?

The success of the BJP in WB and K'taka in improving its vote share illustrates that there is a substantial section of the population which is fed up of such “regionalism”.

Mahagathbandhan feasibility and Congress’ fate

The MGB opposition seems winning anywhere between 110-120 seats. Read how.

Phulpur- Gorakhpur could be a blessing in disguise for BJP, if only…

After Congress, BJP needs to take regional political parties as a strong opposition.

Simultaneous polls: This is how we should implement the idea, whose time has come

A lot of factors would need to be weighed before the move is made

Mahaghatbandhan – What does it mean to common people?

What is opposition learning from their recent failures? How would their response be for 2019 general election?

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