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Marital rape law and AI

No sane man would be against laws that punishes a man for torturing his spouse. The problem however starts with the issue of misuse of such laws.

How our media, activists and police can play a part in reducing rapes

Just to maximize TRPs and viewership, MSM has lost its sensitivity. And activists protest is always solely based on the ideology.

वोह डरती है

वोह लड़की है, वोह डरती है

किसी भी यौन अपराध पीड़िता द्वारा लगाए आरोपों पर विश्वास क्यों करना चाहिए?

नारीवाद के समर्थकों की ओर से अकसर यह प्रस्तावना सुनने में आती है

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