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Rape in India

Should capital punishment be sentenced for rape?

Should capital punishment be sentenced to rapists? Well, a strict punishment along with reformative content and better educating people is the need for an hour! And we as a society can break the chain!

No injuries implies no rape

In the flawed order passed by the respected High Court, nucleus of the decision was absence of injury which means absence of resistance and connotes presence of consent. Thus, the court acquitted all the accused of the charges of rape.

Rape: Crime or culture?

We cannot make it a daily practice it should be stopped and women's should feel safe in her country. We are bound to this responsibility as we did female worship with pride.

The selectiveness of outrage against rape cases in India, and how it weakens the movement against it, and the judicial system of the country?

Sometimes, due to the popular outrage which is created by manipulation of public opinions, we forget there is something like the law also prevails in the country which provides for some procedure of getting justice.

A broken society

The lack of the enforcement of laws, the extreme ignorance of the government and many other such factors combine together to give a rise to sexual violence.

Growing menace of rape in India

No reform can be successful, unless it is accepted by the people at large. The societal attitude towards rape and its victims must change.

रेप और अश्लील वीडियो

दुर्भाग्यवश आज मॉरल वेल्यू की किताब ने रामायाण, गीता की जगह ले ली हैं। हालात ऐसे हैं कि यदि कोई गलती से भी ये कह दे कि स्कूली पाठ्यक्रम में इन ग्रन्थों को शामिल किया जाए तो चारों ओर से सब राजनीति चमकाने में लग जायेंगे।

अस्मिता: रेप पीड़िताओं की व्यथा

आठ साल की बच्ची, जो भूख से हार पड़ोसी के घर खाना मांगने जाती है, का रेप चंद भूखे भेड़ियों द्वारा कर दिया कर दिया जाता है जिनका नाम लेने से देश का संविधान खतरे में पड़ जाता है।

Is feminism a misandry to Indian society?

Feminism made women a kind of independent but it was not the independence the world needed. They were independent while remaining dependent.

ओड़िशा: महिला की मौत, दुष्कर्म का आरोप; SIT जांच के आदेश

ओड़िशा के मालकनगिरी जिल्ले में कथित तौर पर दुष्कर्म पीड़िता एक आदिवासी महिला की मौत हो गयी। कथित तौर पर दुष्कर्म पीड़िता, जो अस्पताल में भर्ती होने के बाद से बेहोश थी, आज एक एम्बुलेंस में रायगडा में दम तोड़ दिया।

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