Friday, April 12, 2024



Just another attempt of stereotyping Hindus and Hindutva?

Indian born foreign residentials get a special honor by our left and neutral audience when they critic India and Hindus!

देश रंगीला

आप एक ऐसे देश में रहते हैं जहां नियम कानून के विषय में सोचना नही। बस अपने अनुसार चलते रहो। खुश रहो और अपने को राजनैतिक दलों का भेड़ मानते हुए बस निष्ठावान बने रहो।

RIP ‘secular’; welcome ‘plural’

This kind of Anti Hindu bias was earlier called Secular. It is now proposed to be called Plural. It only shows the singular lack of understanding of the issue by these seculars.

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