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Rethinking rural management in India

Reverse migration majorly disrupted the urban economy of the country whereas rural India has suffered far worse.

Why you should take charge of your retirement

Young people have a great advantage of time that can work in their favour. People can follow a target based approach mentioned here to formulate appropriate savings plan and secure their long term financial goals.

Building gender inclusive cities

Time and again women are constantly troubled by the fear of violence while using public spaces but what they actually jeopardy is essentially the opportunity of experiencing the civic life and being able to participate in city.

Road-map for government actions during and after the coronavirus pandemic

This article provides the steps that governments should be taking as their countries move along the pandemic curve

Was demonetization placed right in the sequence of strategy roll out?

Demonetization is not just about how big a move it is, but it's about where you place it in the sequence of planned strategy.

Close Encounter with the Chennai Floods: How it shook the Middle Class conscience

Experience during Chennai Floods was an eye opener - a first person account by a resident.

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