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Why Rajmata Jijau’s role was crucial for Maratha Empire?

Who was Jijau? Why this lady has so much importance in the Maratha History? What was the role of Jijau in making of Hindawi Swaraj?

Maratha expedition in the land of five rivers

Today, Indians have to get over with their linguistic, religious, regional and caste divides as soon as possible. All these fault lines are waiting to be exploited by the outsiders. Basically the Battle of Panipat teach us how NOT to fight a battle.

Are Indian history text books really biased?

Contributions of many dynasties, kings and kingdoms find no mention in our text books. Post independence history is also not adequately covered in our text books.

The real reason why Shiv Sena is keen to align with NCP in Maharashtra

Returning to the 'politics of performance' epitomised by Fadnavis' leadership and not succumb to Opposition's caste led politics will be the biggest challenge for Modi-Shah duo.

Battle of Koregaon : Lessons in unity (Marathi)

Marathi translation of 'Battle of Koregaon : Lessons in unity'

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